[Personal] Broken hip

Around 7 weeks ago, skateboarding at the local park with Nolan, I had an awkward fall doing a simple ollie up a low flat ramp.

The board shot out to my right and all my momentum converted into falling and rotating fast. I landed on my left hip and heard a pop, and was stuck on the ground at the mercy of circumstance. Thankfully, a couple was nearby and called an ambulance and could bring my phone within reach. Nolan asked me to get back on the skateboard.. Sorry buddy!

The fall was from such a small height, i’m still not sure how it happened - I suppose being boney doesn’t help! The technical term is an intracapsular hip fracture, but after a 5hr surgery and a metal rod shoved in me and pinned in, I was walking with crutches the next day, and up stairs the day after. Thanks to all the nurses & doctors, they did an amazing job.

Since then the recovery has been going well. The muscle pain is fading, and regenerating well due to exercise, and it finally feels like I have a semi-working leg again, however I get physically tired much quicker than I used to, so still have a long way to go. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to recover from such an injury when older, but the typical full recovery time is 4-6 months!

Anyway, that’s taken up much of my time until more recently when i’ve been able to focus more, so now - back to it!

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