[Odoo] dbtoolkit in Godot

Recently at work i’ve been finding myself running common database commands across several databases while using Odoo, and initially decided to write a simple rudimentary UI using python’s tkinter GUI library. This basically was a database shortcut deck which was functional, but I found the UI looking a bit like it was out of the 90’s, and wanted to toy around with a similar idea using Godot instead.

I’ve seen applications (fairly extensive ones) written before in Godot so thought i’d give it a try, and it does have its downsides and is still rudimentary in terms of implementation - but at least it looks pretty, and it does the job!

You can find the toolkit here, it only took an hour or two to create initially, so i’m fairly happy with the results, but it can definitely be improved upon when I get the time.

UPDATE: To address some of the shortcomings of the toolkit written in Godot, and to try and learn something new, I have re-written the toolkit for GTK 3.0 in C++.

It interfaces with postgres using a library rather than bash commands, and is much quicker. It’s also been expanded upon slightly with some new features

The updated toolkit can be found here

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A first attempt at a rudimentary GUI application in Godot

By Peter Alabaster, 2022-08-03