[Okada’s World Devlog] v0.03

The decision to have autosaves was an easy one.

It takes real control away from the player but actually ends up making them feel more in control.

The idea of manual saving is one I have fond memories of abusing whilst playing Fallout 1/2 - trying to hit that lockpick dice roll after re-loading the game 10 times, but the thought of never having to save a game is a burden lifted from the player.

  • Added autosave (bottom right icon), and multiple new game options. Currently game only autosaves next to old man
  • Removed ability to save game manually
  • Added changelog to main menu
  • Tweaked volume of music / sound effects
  • Added Warpgates and warpgate logic. There will be 4 warpgates, each represented by their logo on the base. The warp gate itself will rotate when interacted with, and - if the player has visited a warpgate before, they can warp to it by rotating to the respective logo and interacting again. This video was added much later!

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Save game re-work, adding the concept of 'warpgates'

By Peter Alabaster, 2020-05-02