[Okada’s World Devlog] v0.05

With all of the new features, It turns out i’d broken most of the core gameplay, or not tested it thoroughly enough.

I went about fixing a lot of broken bits and pieces

  • [ADD] Make warpgate base show its permenant icon
  • [FIX] Make parallax background work better with camera zoom
  • [FIX] interaction input bug with warpgate
  • [FIX] warpgate open/close animation not blending if exiting before it is fully open
  • [FIX] infinite jump bug due to colliding with music area
  • [FIX] warpgate z index
  • [FIX] sprinting in air not draining stamina
  • [FIX] sprinting in air preventing user input direction changes
  • [FIX] holding up re-playing jump animation on landing
  • [FIX] 0 stamina jump/land animation bugs

Peter Alabaster

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Bug fixing spree

By Peter Alabaster, 2020-05-04