[Okada’s World Devlog] v0.09

Another bug-fix spree.

A lot of time was spent on figuring out how to fix the abusable ‘squishing’ mechanics where you could effectively jump through a block before the squish detector would go off.

  • [FIX] bug allowing you to rotate warpgates whilst away from them if you back out part way through a rotation
  • [DEV] address death screen console errors
  • [DEV] Make dialogue setup more generic
  • [ADD] Time based lighting now fades rather than jumping between colours, and colours made less harsh
  • [DEV] Move rain to canvaslayer to ensure it ignores camera2d zoom and reduces the amount of particles necessary to draw
  • [ADD] Open / close inventory player animation, UI animation, and sounds
  • [FIX] Block squish was abusable

Peter Alabaster

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More bug fixing, and UI work

By Peter Alabaster, 2020-05-13