[Okada’s World Devlog] v0.11

This is mostly focused around new mechanics which will unlock throughout the game. Along with some minor features and bugfixes.

  • [ADD] Double jump. Uses small amount of stamina, can double jump again when ground is touched.
  • [ADD] Dash - Uses stamina - A much faster and more ‘bursty’ speed increase, with new animation. I may need to go back and allow a corner grab to ‘interrupt’ a dash, as it feels a bit bad when you dash into a wall but you miss the corner grab due to being mid-animation
  • [ADD] Ladders, and ladder climb functionality
  • [ADD] Corner/wall grab logic. Similar to ‘Spelunky’ style wall grab but only resets availability if you land back on the ground (cannot infinitely climb walls). Player will ‘drop’ if l/r is pressed, and ‘hop’ if up is pressed.
  • Here’s an example of using all three (double jump, dash, wall grab) in one movement
  • [ADD] Slide, and dash tweak player hitbox during animation
  • [FIX] Incorrect collission layers on lassooable block, meaning it does not kill the player when squished. Also, the bug still stands where blocks you are squished against require sufficient thickness to kill the player.
  • [FIX] Add a third raycast to a lassooable block, so you can’t slot it into a thinner platform and have it go through.
  • [ADD] Start on water physics, collision detection, and particle emission

Peter Alabaster

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Expanding on movement mechanics

By Peter Alabaster, 2020-05-21