[Okada’s World Devlog] v0.13

Now i’ve learnt how to implement some fundamental systems, it’s time to un-spaghettify the code to be maintainable in the future.

This involved a lot more backend work, which doesn’t necessarily show itself clearly.

Another main focus was to get a basic idea of the intended combat loop down, which is now possible due to the control indicator work done previously. This required tackling some new style of player animations, which I think turned out alright!


The initial combat system was done but then i’ve since decided to cut it as there just won’t be enough brainpower to do it properly

This patch took a while to get out as I wanted to take a step back after what has been effectively a 2 month binge on game dev. Personal life took precedence and I had a couple of games stacked up that i’d been meaning to play myself [Celeste, The Witness, The Forest, Hyper Light Drifter, Hollow Knight, A Short Hike]. I also spent some time during this period getting a server set up running on some old hardware, which some day can be used as a CI/D box too

  • [META] Added debug menu for controlling various things in dev after compilation to speed up testing
  • [META] Removed the need to manually connect up generic signals under a common parent i.e dialogues, music area detectors
  • [META] Remove the need for a bunch of manual stuff for arbitrary zoom areas (with help from Al on stream!)
  • [META] Remove the need for a bunch of manual stuff for arbitrary music areas
  • [META] Remove the need for a bunch of manual stuff for arbitrary dialogue areas
  • [META] Re-work as much manual signalling as possible to real Godot signals so that things are more event driven, less code in tick style functions. This should improve performance and code maintainability. This was a hell of a re-work and involved nearly a full re-write of the way different scenes interacted with eachother
  • [FIX] Corner grabbing flag now gets reset if an animated platform moves away from the player, rather than leaving them floating in air
  • [FIX] Remove npc collision boxes, as they just prove to be annoying, it works better to be able to walk ‘infront’ of them
  • [FIX] Player able to sprint infinitely if sprint button was held and stamina ran out
  • [FIX] Some confirmation dialogs did not grab keyboard / controller focus
  • [FIX] Items did not de-spawn when re-loading game if they had been picked up
  • [FIX] Torch respawn/despawn when save/loading was all out of whack, all fixed now
  • [FIX] Player slide should shrink the collision capsule accordingly to have a purpose in the game
  • [ADD] BGM Slider to configure music volume, along with a slight config save re-work to allow for new default params to get pushed into the users default, to make upgrades smooth
  • [ADD] Backend for ‘inner thoughts’ style dialogue, including example of this.
  • [ADD] Player swim sprite, tweak edge of water logic slightly to feel less bouncy
  • [ADD] Attack area - player sheathes a weapon, movement is restricted, and time slows (Ended up being scrapped - but was fun to look into!)
  • [ADD] Signpost sprite/NPC
  • [ADD] Some more NPCs and campsite
  • [ADD] Animate prompt inputs

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Time away, huge reworks, and bug-fixes!

By Peter Alabaster, 2021-03-18