[Okada’s World Devlog] v0.14

Lots of effort went into a massive refactor of the player code to a state machine, as the previous code was pretty ugly and everything was coupled too tightly, if I ever needed to change a behaviour it would be tricky and usually had a cascading effect on other behaviours.

  • [META] Made game and website pushes rebuild website with new binaries using Woodpecker CI
  • [FIX] Many minor improvements around lassooing, wall detection, graphics etc
  • [META] Restructured save/load to allow reloading dynamic node paths, to allow for better level structure
  • [FIX] Fixed Small bugs around player movement, though it’s still possible to completely bug out!
  • [DESIGN] Tweaked some dialogues, added some more
  • [FIX] Fixed dev UI showing when it shouldn’t
  • [FIX] Tweaked to allow jumping next to interactables
  • [META] Remove unnecessary light occluders
  • [ADD] Pressure plate and doors
  • [ADD] A tent and campfire
  • [DESIGN] Updated splashscreen
  • [DESIGN] Animated dialogue opening/closing
  • [ADD] Facility to submit bug reports to taiga (and view existing issues) in game. Note that taiga is the software I use to track which features to implement next, and note down any high and low level design decisions. I also use it to track current issues and bugs, so now anyone can submit bugs to me and see their status!

Peter Alabaster

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Player FSM (movement mechanics rework) and minor improvements

By Peter Alabaster, 2021-05-15