Originally I had a creative outlet of music, and dabbled in mixing acoustic and electronic elements using Propellerheads Reason DAW - and created an album from scratch with a good friend in a jerry-rigged home studio.

This gradually shifted to programming, and I begun full time work as a Software Engineer.

I still occasionally write music unrelated to the game, some of which can be found here (Al2baska) and here

I had tried making simple games before, but I was usually in over my head, so took a step back for a few years until my foundational knowledge was better.

Eventually I decided to have a play around again, and that’s when Okada’s World came to fruition. Using Godot Engine which is a relatively ‘newbie’ friendly engine, I learnt a lot in the next few months of getting to grips with it, and had a lot of fun too.

My ideas are pretty fragmented, and were originally a little ambitious for a first game, so have toned down a little, but I’ve gained a huge appreciation for games I love to play - now understanding the work which goes into them.

Nowadays I try to fit what I can in with my little spare time - which isn’t spent doing DIY - on my game, and it will likely gradually progress over the years into something which is hopefully fun for others to play!

I also love to try and simplify and automate deploying the game to this site, so every time I push changes, the updates arrive within a few minutes on here.

Peter Alabaster

Full time Software Engineer & Dad. Keep up to date with my projects here.

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By Peter Alabaster, 2022-06-12